Content Usage Guidelines & Attribution Policy

We are super excited that you want to share our content! All that we ask is that you follow our Content Usage Guidelines and honor our Attribution Policy (see below).

Content Usage Guidelines

In Most Cases, We Love It When You Share & Republish Our Content

  • Feel free to email our articles, blog posts, videos and images to your friends and colleagues, and share them with your social media networks.
  • Up to 100 words or 20% of text may be quoted per article, PDF, or eBook (whichever is the lesser.)
  • If you would like to republish an article in full (online or in print), please email Christy to request permission.
  • You may also republish most images created by Honey Tree Media by copying or embedding them, provided that you follow our Attribution Policy. This includes blog post banners, photographs, illustrations, infographics, charts, and other visual aids. (Exceptions noted below.)
  • By the way, we’re cool with you resizing and cropping our images, and marking up screen caps. If you’d like to make major alterations to our images, or incorporate it into a brand new creation, you’ll need to obtain permission.
  • Feel free to republish embeddable videos and slide shows, too, by using the provided code.

There Are a Few Exceptions (for Good Reasons, We Promise)

  • Honey Tree Media cannot grant you permission to republish content attributed to others. You most obtain permission from the original content creator, not Honey Tree Media. The same goes for images restricted by third-party licenses.
  • You may not share nor reuse any design elements copyrighted or otherwise licensed by Honey Tree Media (except where expressly noted.) This includes, but is not limited to backgrounds, buttons, widgets, and navigational elements.
  • Unless otherwise noted, it is not okay to share or republish images that appear on our primary pages, including the Home, About, Contact and Services pages.
  • You may not repackage Honey Tree Media content to be sold without permission. The content that we provide you free of charge is meant to be shared with others free of charge.
  • Don’t claim any our content or original ideas as your own. You are so much better than that.

Content Attribution Policy

Following our Content Attribution Policy is Simple

1. Name Honey Tree Media (or BuzzBlog) as your source.

2. Link to the source on Honey Tree Media.

  • If it’s an article or blog post, link to its permalink.
  • If it’s embedded content (i.e., images, video, slide shows), link to the page it is embedded on.
  • If it’s downloadable content, please link to the landing page where that content is offered.

3. If you have received permission from Christy to republish an article in full (online), you must place a canonical tag in the <head> section of your page that links to the original article on Honey Tree Media, like this:

<link rel=”canonical” href=””/>

Pretty easy, right? As always, please to not hesitate to email Christy if you have questions.