The One Thing You Must Do Now to Future Proof Your Online Business

The Unisphere at the 1964 World's Fair

Do you break into a cold sweat when Google or Facebook makes a big announcement? If so, I want to share something with you that could change your life. Listen up, my friend.

In May, Matt Cutts says Google is working on projects that increase the quality of search results. One of the projects addresses authority.

“We are trying to detect when someone is an authority in a specific space and trying to make those authorities rank higher.” – Matt Cutts 

Cutts is referencing Authorship, the process of authenticating your identity as a content creator through Google+.

Over the next five months, Google rolls out Penguin 2.0 and revokes access to organic keyword data. Google also releases Hummingbird, an algorithm that determines search intent and answers mobile voice queries.

In October, Cutts keynotes PubCon Las Vegas. He tells people to prepare for the future now, or get left behind. He stresses (1) mobile optimization, (2) quality content, and (3) Authorship. In other words, build your online authority now by creating and curating valuable, useful content for your niche. Make sure it looks good on mobile, too, because that’s what your audience wants.

From where I stand, there are two choices: (1) build your online authority and future proof your business, or (2) keep chasing algorithms and get left behind.

As for myself, I’m going with #1, building my online authority. Starting … now. What about you?

(Image adapted from “New York World’s Fair – Unisphere” by Roger Wollstadt, made available under the Creative Commons License.)

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  1. Great post Christy…I have been preaching this since before Panda…forget about Penguin! =)

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