Why I Couldn’t Resist Adding SEO Site Tools to Chrome

I have a confession. Early this month I blogged about how I had cleaned up my Firefox  toolbar, insinuating that I only needed three primary browser extensions in my SEO tool kit. At the time I wrote this, this was true. I swear.

Less than a week after publishing “Is your SEO tool kit getting a little heavy?”, however, I discovered a forth power tool that I simply cannot live work without: SEO Site Tools. Developed by Carter Cole, this is a killer SEO extension for Chrome, not Firefox. That’s right – I have completely broken my personal rule of keeping all of my SEO, dev, and design tool extensions exclusively in Firefox. Up until this point, this has worked exceptionally well. When working, I do my heavy lifting over in Firefox and then pop over to Chrome when I need a huge browser window not impeded by a tricked-out tool bar. Keeping SEO plugins out of my Chrome installations has also kept this super-fast browser running well, super-fast.

When I stumbled across SEO Site Tools, however, I knew things had to change. Take a look at what it does (in a single extension) and you’ll see why I caved:

SEO Site Tools - Tool Bar CloseupFirst of all, you do not have to sacrifice one pixel of space in my browser window in order to install this extension. As you can see from the screen shot, you can select SEO Site Tools from a drop-down list. The icon in the drop-down list also displays either PageRank, mozRank or mozAuthority of the current page you are viewing, depending on how you configure this extension to suit your preferences.

SEO Site Tools - Review

Here is a sample of the at-a-glance metrics SEO Site Tools provides  for Google, Bing, and Yahoo:

  • PageRank
  • Date page last cached
  • Number of indexed pages
  • Number of unique visitors
  • Average number of visits per user
  • Number of page views
  • Average time on site

This tool also provides external data from:

  • Alexa (including a traffic graph!)
  • Yahoo Site Explorer and SEOmoz’s Linkscape tool (provides the most important link metrics from both)
  • Dmoz
  • Majestic SEO
  • Quantcast
  • SEMRush

SEO Tools for Chrome - Social Media ReactionsYou also get all the standard on-page information, too (meta tags, etc.). To be honest, there is nothing really outstanding in this section of the tool. However, I really like the fact that the number of external and external do-follow links is easy to find and add up in the interface of SEO Site Tools. Very handy. This information is in most other SEO extensions for browsers that I’ve used, but is always buried deeper into the tool’s interface. AND it also provides a cute little pie chart that shows the proportion of external to internal links on the page. I also like that this tool include important header information.

My favorite aspect of SEO Site Tools, however, is the social media data it collects. It not only shows how many times a particular URL was featured in a tweet, but it shows the tweets themselves along with their shortened URLs and the number of TweetMeMe comments related to the URL. SEO Tools for Chrome - Tweets

It also shows reaction 0n Facebook (including shares and comments), Digg, del.icio.us, Google Buzz, and reddit.com.

SEO Site Tools - Social Media Data

Other tricks SEO Tools performs includes:

  • Extracting targeted keyword terms and alt-tags with the touch of a button
  • Running a page load speed test
  • Examining anchor text
  • Breaking down visitor screen sizes by percentage
  • Showing basic server and domain information
  • Providing links to the keyword research tools such as Google SKTools and Google Search Insights
  • Numbering the first 100 results in the SERPs for a search query, and showing the PageRank of each results

If you try this extension out for yourself (or have already done so), I’d love to hear your own take on it. I am also very interested in hearing what other SEO extensions for Chrome ya’ll have used.

2 Responses to “Why I Couldn’t Resist Adding SEO Site Tools to Chrome”

  1. you forgot to mention it adds anchor text and pagerank to Yahoo Site Explorer and Google Webmaster tools,Pagerank to SERPs of Bing, Google and Yahoo(the numbering works past 100 btw) and it adds social media reactions (like from the tab you love) into Google analytics so you can see how the page is doing socially not just from a traffic standpoint

    we also protect your privacy too 🙂 http://j.mp/SiteToolsPrivacy

    and the download page http://j.mp/seoSiteTools

    thanks for reviewing my tool and let me know of any feature ideas you have

  2. Hi Carter,

    Yes, you are correct, I did not cover every single feature of your tool – there are so many, so I just highlighted the ones I personally find the most useful. I should have made that clear, sorry. Hope you are not offended!

    I am interested in how to make the numbering for the SERPs work past 100 results. I couldn’t figure out how to make this work.

    Again, this is an awesome tool and I am making my SEO friends nauseous gushing about it. There is not another free tool I know about that packs so many features into such an intuitive interface. thanks for creating it. You rock!!

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