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Content is the beating heart of your brand’s online presence. Not just any content, though. We’re talking about fresh, valuable content that attracts and acquires a specific audience, engaging them in a way that converts them into loyal customers and brand advocates.

Content marketing is the ongoing process of creating, curating, managing, and measuring useful, high-quality content. It is executed according to a strategy built to fulfill the needs and desires of your targeted audience. And it is incredibly effective – especially when integrated into a holistic Internet marketing strategy.

Honey Tree Media offers content marketing services for every step of the content marketing cycle – from strategy and creation — to optimization, promotion and analysis. Whether you need help getting started with content marketing, need comprehensive content marketing services on a longterm basis, or need assistance filling in the gaps in your existing content marketing process, we can help.

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Our Approach to Content Marketing

We believe that content marketing is most effective when integrated into a holistic Internet marketing strategy that includes search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. We believe that content marketing, like SEO and social media, is an ongoing process that should be consistently measured, evaluated, and revised for maximum impact.

There are four major phases of the content marketing process. We offer many services for each one. Our owner, Christy Correll, will work with you closely with you to determine the content marketing services you need for maximum impact. She will help you handcraft a content marketing program that is as unique as your business.

1. Content Marketing Strategy

• Content inventories & audits
• Needs assessment
• Audience identification & persona development
• Keyword research
• Setting KPIs
• Keyword mapping
• Style guides
• Editorial process
• Competitive analysis
• Defining brand voice & messaging

2. Content Creation & Optimization

• Editorial calendars
Content writing and editing
• Content curation
• Planning visual content
• Script writing for video
• Optimization for search & sharing

3. Distribution & Promotion

• Social media marketing
• Search engine optimization
• Press releases
• Email marketing
• Outreach
• Lead generation

4. Measurement & Evaluation

• Analytics
• Evaluation
• Reporting
• Refining strategy

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