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The ‘Blind Film Critic’ Surfs Social Media with iPhone 4s [VIDEO]

Tommy Edison, perhaps best known as the “Blind Film Critic”, demonstrates how he uses the iPhone 4s to access popular social media sites in this video. After Tommy turns on the iPhone’s visual accessibility feature, he jumps from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube with the assistance of Siri. Siri is the iPhone’s built-in “intelligent assistant” […]

Team Wanderlust - Maria Novatschkova - Mongol Rally

Adventurists Prepare for 10,000 Mile Road Race to Benefit Homeless Kids in Mongolia

A pair of London-based adventurists with big hearts are giving new meaning to the phrase “summer road trip.” Nick Harvey, 29, and Maria Novatschkova, 31, will embark on their 10,000-mile adventure from London to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, to raise money for Mongolia’s homeless children on July 24. “Team Wanderlust” will join some 350 other teams from […]

Professional Video Gamers

Who is Fitter: Pro Gamers or Chain-Smoking Retirees? [RESEARCH STUDY]

University of Essex Throws Away Undisclosed Amount of Research Dollars in Attempt to Determine if Top Gamers are as Fit as Pro Athletes A recent study conducted by the University of Essex compared top gamers’ psychological and physical health to that of professional athletes. It concluded that while the “mental sharpness and psychological health of […]